Supplier Sustainability Policy

Sustainable purchasing is defined as purchasing competitively priced goods and services that have a gradual reduction of impact on the environment.

  1. Make procurement decisions about key partners in our supply chain based on a balance between economic, social and environmental factors. Suppliers adhering to sustainable product policies will be preferred.
  2. Comply with all relevant procurement and environmental legislation.
  3. Ensure procurement documents include questions about suppliers’ environmental performance and develop assessment criteria that include the principles of sustainable purchasing, use of recycled and recyclable materials and lack of toxins, to evaluate suppliers’ bids.
  4. Specify, wherever possible and reasonably practicable, the use of environmentally friendly materials and products.
  5. Develop assessment tools to track sustainable purchasing targets.
  6. Work with other agencies and companies to share experiences and adopt best practices in the duty of care of our environmental performance.