About Our Directors

Ronald Campbell


Ronald Campbell is the founder and President of Domestic Technologies International Inc., based in Barbados. Ron’s invention, the Steel Arch Chalet, represents the pinnacle of his achievements in socially responsible design and construction. It melds his many years of construction experience with today’s need for fast and cost effective housing solutions, sustainable use of resources, and adaptability to numerous building applications.

Domestic Technologies International Inc.’s other product targeted to the disaster recovery market is the Emergency Survival Kit. Cleverly designed, the kit offers an optimal partnership with the Chalet, with respect to emergency response solutions.

Ron has been an entrepreneur business executive and Inventor since 1997. He has three construction-related patents registered at the US Patent Office to date. These focus on construction elements that have been designed to allow for time-saving and efficient installation in a multitude of building applications. These include Insta-wall, Insta-frame and Insta-truss.

Ron specialized in structural design in his construction business, R. Campbell Construction which he operated for over 25 years in throughout 4 provinces in Canada. Ron specialized in restoration and renovation in residential and commercial projects as well numerous restoration projects involving buildings of over 100 years old.

Ron’s first interest in environmental technologies began in British Columbia with a company producing clean burning energy named Ecotech. Separately, he was also involved in the designing of booths and equipment to promote sporting equipment.

During the past 10 years, based in Barbados, Ron has been involved with the international business sector.