Steel Arch Chalet

Five Assembly Steps to Easy Living

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Simple Tool Box Field Assembly (under construction)

Rapid redeployment in 4 days using simple tools and easy-to-follow instruction diagrams or DVD.


more tools

1. Prepare the foundation

Dig foundation holes and install foundation using pre-engineered squared beams for precise location.

Insert 3 pictures:

  1. Empty lot with components (neatly piled)
  2. Foundation picture
  3. Squared beams

2. Assemble the arch structure (under construction)

Create the arches and erect frame. Steel pan floor and hat bars create the 1st and 2nd floors. Cover the arch using laser punched overlapping steel panels.

Insert 3 pictures:
  1. Arches on ground
  2. Arched frame
  3. Steel pan floor
  4. Overlapping roof

3. Insert end walls (under construction)

Insert end walls using Instawall that expands easily to provide instant frame for doors and windows. Complete entrance to chalet and attach chalet to foundation.

Insert pictures:
  1. End wall in progress (Instawall example)
  2. Finished end wall
  3. End wall with porch and stairs.

4. Complete the interior (under construction)

Install precut insulation, laser engineered paneling and floors, stairs, kitchen cabinets & bath, electrical and plumbing hookups.

Insert pictures of:
  1. Insulation in progress
  2. Paneled walls
  3. Kitchen cabinets

5. Easy living (under construction)

Relax in the comfort of cleverly designed, home away from home conveniences and protection from the elements.

Insert pictures of:
  1. Living room
  2. Kitchen
  3. Bath
  4. Dining