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Our Company

Where is the company located?

Our corporate and sales headquarters are both located in Barbados. We are entering into manufacturing arrangements and distribution points around the world.

What are the company contact details?

Our Barbados office is will soon be housed in one of our own Steel Arch Chalets. It will be located close to Grantley Adams International Airport.

Our mailing address is:

P.O. Box 796
Bridgetown, Barbados
Telephone: (246) 230-5105

How was the Emergency Chalet in a Box designed?

Canadian born, Ron Campbell, inventor and chief designer, has lived in the Caribbean for a number of years and has observed the number of turbulent weather patterns that have devastated housing on a number of islands. With his logical mind and years of construction experience, Ron decided to devise a way to provide safe and comfortable shelter during the response phase of a disaster, which later is able to provide ongoing shelter for long term use. This Steel Arch Chalet in its boxed format was the result, for use as shelter for victims of natural and man-made disasters.

I have specific questions about my situation. How do I obtain further information about the company’s products?

Product specialists are on hand to provide you with further details. Just call or email and we would be happy to call you back at a time that is convenient for you to further discuss your specific needs.

Our Commitment to the Environment

What is the company’s environmental policy?

Our company’s philosophy is to care for our planet by demonstrating environmental leadership in the design of our products using Reduce, Reuse & Recycle principles.

  1. We help to protect the environment at the same time as ensuring user safety by limiting the use of environmentally harmful compounds in our materials
  2. We work with our manufacturers and supply chain to ensure our components are produced in more environmentally friendly ways
  3. We have an integrated and holistic approach to recycling
  4. The chalet's systems ensure that longer term disposal of waste is sustainable

Please see our full Environmental Policy on this web site.

Our environmental successes:

  • Recycled materials – 60% of Steel Arch Chalet products are made from recycled materials (steel is 65% recycled, recycled plastic flooring)
  • Gray water schemes permit distribution of water into gardens, plants and ground
  • Composting toilets - reducing water usage and waste disposal into environment – no sewage, no need for sewer lines
  • Use of renewable resources – green electricity covers 100% of electricity supply
  • End of life-cycle disposal of chalet is 85% recyclable

Please see our Environmental Achievements on this web site.

Our Commitment to Quality

What is the company’s safety policy?

Our company applies key safety measures for all manufactured products.

The engineered design of the arched A-frame is incredibly strong. We are so confident in the Steel Arch Chalet’s strength that we offer a structural guarantee against key forces such as hurricanes, earthquakes and snow loads as outlined.

How safe is the Steel Arch Chalet?

We conducted the following tests and Canadian engineering certificates certify the following:

  • Hurricane – 150 miles per hour winds (246 KPH)
  • Earthquake – seismic rating is unlimited due to its design
  • Snow load – slope of roof does not permit snow to accumulate
  • Weight resistance – 60 lbs per square inch

What type of guarantees do you offer?

Our high confidence level in the safety of the Chalet permits us to offer a structural guarantee. (See Representations and Warranties section of FAQ).

What about flooding?

Flood plain areas have special foundation requirements where the Chalet is placed on pontoons. The Chalet can a floating structure in a flood situation, as it is designed for very efficient weight distribution.

Is a metal building more susceptible to a lightning strike than one constructed of other materials?

No, a lightning strike will transfer an electric charge through the building and through the foundation into the earth. Caution should be exercised in any electrical storm, however. In particular persons outside the building should not touch the steel components.

What are the fire safety features?

Metal, which comprises the majority of components of the Steel Arch Chalet, is non-flammable. The steel structure therefore allows for a longer evacuation period in the event of a fire. There are also two entrances, front and back, for easier escape from the building. It can be used in forested areas with greater safety in comparison to wooden structures.

Are there any other safety features?

The structure, framing and finished wall materials do not deteriorate from termite damage. Deadbolt locks provide increased personal & possession safety than is currently offered by many of the existing type of shelters.

Placing an Order

Once I have a quote for a price, how long does the price stay in effect?

Your price is guaranteed once an order is placed and the deposit is received by DTII.

Our products are fabricated from various raw materials and the charge to you is dependent on our materials pricing. In order to bring the product to you in a economical way, we price on market fluctuations and must react quickly in response to increases or decreases in the market price of our goods. Therefore our quotes (without deposit) are honoured for 30 days from the date of issue. For larger orders we are able to extend this date, so please call us to confirm.

Shipping & Delivery

How are assembly parts packaged?

To avoid environmental waste, the entire basic box and parts have been engineered and designed to ship in one self contained package. Optional parts ordered can be included in the kit if there is sufficient room. If there is no additional room in the box, the optional parts would be shipped as part of a separate package.

Where are the Chalet in a Box shipped from and how long does it take?

The Chalet in a Box are shipped from various international distribution points. Depending on your location, we would select the easiest access point and predetermine the delivery date.

What type of transportation is used for delivery?

Kits can be air transported by helicopter into remote locations, or dependent on location, transported by ship, rail or truck.

What type of communication will I have with the delivery sourcing company?

The delivery company will be provided with the drop location, a contact name and phone number. You will also be provided with the same.

Is there anything I have to pay upon delivery?

No. All the shipping to the designated location will have been prepaid by you in advance.

How are multiple Chalets in a Box shipped?

Multiple orders: 5 Chalet in a Box fit in a single 20 foot container.

Out of box – 14 Chalets fit in one 40 foot container.

Steel Arch Chalets for assembly in one area are shipped in a container and factory packed by parts. This takes advantage of being able to consolidate the shipment and expedite the process direct from factory.

How is the Chalet in a Box unloaded?

The box itself weighs approximately 6,800 pounds. A four person team needs to be in place to unload the Chalet.

What do I need to do to ensure the guarantees and warranty are in place?

The box must be inventoried immediately upon arrival to ensure all parts are in place and not damaged. We have a quality assurance program at our assembly locations to ensure that contents are checked twice but during shipping there could be damage that needs to be corrected. Construction sites often have high incidents of theft and DTII will not be held responsible for theft.

Preparing to Assemble the Steel Arch Chalet

How long can the Chalet in a Box be left out in the elements before starting to build?

The Chalet is very durable and may be safely stored indefinitely. In the elements, a reasonable delay before construction will not prove to be a problem for its main components. You must inventory the box when it arrives. You need to immediately note any shortages or damage on the bill of lading before signing it, and you have two (2) days to report missing or damaged goods that arrived in sealed containers.

For quantity orders individual packages of product/components will be numbered with pieces for inventory purposes.

You can store the Steel Arch Chalet in its self-contained box. In the event of heavy rains or snow, it is recommended that the box be covered with a tarp.

What type of experience is required to assemble the Steel Arch Chalet?

The Steel Arch Chalet comes as a pre-engineered, snap-together, bolt-together kit with very specific drawings and a step-by-step instructional DVD (generator is included as part of the Chalet in a Box for charging DVD). While specialized experience is not required, it is helpful for the team to include persons who are familiar with building principles, and more importantly, who have the ability to read diagrams and follow step-by-step instructions. All instructions are pictorial with no writing.

How long does it take to assemble the Steel Arch Chalet?

This is dependent on the number of persons in the team and their level of construction skill. Instructions outline a 4-day build program for 4 semi-skilled persons.

How far along in the assembly process can the team take shelter in the Steel Arch Chalet?

By the end of the 2nd day the team should be able to take shelter within the Chalet.

What type of building approvals are required?

Local building approvals apply, however, keep in mind that if a non-foundation system is used, often the Chalet can be classified as a portable structure which has a more limited approval processes, if any at all.

How big does the lot need to be? Are there ideal criteria for locating the Steel Arch Chalet?

The footprint of the Chalet is 16 feet x 16 feet. Clearances are typically established by local building codes. The ideal location for the Chalet is on flat ground. There is a foundation system included as part of the box for emergency assembly.

International Sales

Do you sell and ship internationally?

Yes. The Chalet in a Box must be pre-paid, and any shipping, customs, duties, tariffs, insurance and licenses are the responsibility of the buyer. The shipment must be accompanied by a Letter of Credit from an approved banking institution.

Which currencies do you accept?

Payment can be made in a foreign currency (where there are no exchange controls over the currency) using a USD conversion of the currency valued using the date of Letter of Credit.

What type of shipping container is necessary?

The Chalet is in a self-contained box that is ready for shipping. The Chalet in a Box can be lifted and transported to remote locations or to emergency locations by helicopter or truck. Orders in excess of 14 Chalets can be prepackaged in a container for efficiency.

What is the approximate shipping weight of the Chalet in a Box?

The estimated weight for quotation purposes is 6,800 pounds (size of box 3' high x 4' 1 inch wide x 19' 8 inches long).

Representations and Warranties

Do you provide a warranty for the Steel Arch Chalet?

We accept responsibility for ensuring total box components are provided in the shipment. This is contingent on an inventory being conducted within 24 hours of receipt of the box and missing or damaged items are reported within 48 hours.

The Steel Arch Chalet is designed to withstand the powerful forces of nature. The DTII guarantee assures against any structural storm damage as a result of the ravages of tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes of the force winds as outlined in the contract. In the event of natural disasters, the occupants should evacuate when advised to do so by local authorities.

Our contract:

Warrants to the original Buyer that Steel Arch Chalet components will remain free from structural damage directly attributable to hurricane winds up to 150 miles per hour and earthquake up to 9.3 on the Richter scale when completely assembled and installed in accordance with: DTII specifications, professional building practice, applicable building codes. The foundation must meet building code requirements for the area and type of soil conditions before warranty takes effect. If codes are not provided, DTII must be notified within 24 hours of product delivery.

In the event such structural damage occurs: The Buyer shall notify DTII promptly of such damage. After receipt of notification, DTII shall repair or, at DTII’s option, provide the necessary replacement components at no charge to the Buyer. The Buyer shall be responsible for freight charges and/or reasonable travel and living expense of DTII personnel for travel to the site, if necessary.

Disassembly and reassemble of any damaged component shall be the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

This structural warranty shall not apply if the products or components have been subjected to abuse, abnormal wear, corrosive environmental conditions, or improper maintenance by the Buyer.

This structural warranty excludes any glass in windows or door, attachments to building exterior such as solar or wind turbines and interior partitions and furnishings.

This structural warranty does not include damage caused by loose or flying objects that may damage the Steel Arch Chalet.

DTII warrants only the structure and is in no way liable for the loss of personal property, life, or limb. In the event of natural disasters, the occupants should evacuate when advised to do so by local authorities.