Product Fast Facts

Choose An Off Grid Location Using Latest Solar and Wind Techniques for Electrical Power

It couldn’t be easier to find a location for the Steel Arch Chalet! No power grid required makes this an easy solution placing the chalet anywhere permitted by law. Operating and maintenance costs are low.

Solar panels are integrated into the roofing at the top of the chalet. Optional wind turbines can be located at the peak at either end of the house extending over top of the house.

Electrical and plastic piping travels from top to bottom in between the exterior and interior walls. There is loading to battery system placed under stair landing and disbursing to where necessary lighting and plugs are located.

The 10 breaker panel is capable of providing plugs, lights and designated plugs (e.g. refrigerator, AC)

The standard installation pattern is mapped out on the electrical diagram, however, could be changed to accommodate different uses of the Chalet.

Light fixtures are installed using the pre-drilled holes and in the standard Chalet there is one light switch and one wall plug per room additional plugs in the kitchen.

Precut areas in walls provide simple installation of electrical boxes, conduits, and switches.

Wires fed through cross wise on pan flooring, cross wise on hollow joists.

Layout and structural drawings show the placement of the electrical outlets, light fixtures & electrical, HVAC layouts. 2nd floor ceiling offers ample space for distribution of wiring.

Maintenance-Free, Energy Efficient Standard Exterior Doors & Windows

Front and back vinyl doors and eight standard vinyl windows (30x42) are easily installed using the existing frame and a telescopic wall (adjusts easily due to its design).

Doors and Windows

The standard vinyl windows are energy efficient sealed using specially designed casing and trim.

Screened tempered laminated windows open easily from the bottom and are maintenance free with no painting required.

Optional Air Conditioning or Heating

Environmental conditions are different in each part of the world where the Steel Arch Chalet will be used. Heater or solar air conditioning are available as optional features only. The type of heating fuel available would be the driver for the type of heater that would be appropriate.

Flashing covered with metal seals the windows and doors and prevents unwanted temperature changes.

The Chalet’s design helps prevent overheating during the day.

  • Doors and windows design location are located for cross ventilation through the house on the first and second floors.
  • The venting from the arched roof takes the coolest air from under the house which travels to the peak and is disbursed by venting or by fan to the outdoors.
  • Specifications for solar air conditioners should be a minimum of 12,000 BTU.

In cool weather environments:

  • The Chalet is well sealed preventing additional or cold heat from coming in.
  • The steel roofing has been designed with overlap steel to prevent moisture from seeping into the house.
  • Optional additional ground floor insulation can be installed just prior to the steel pan floor.
  • Small solar fan for air exchange is optional depending on building codes in the area. These ventilation systems bring in fresh air and minimize the loss of heating.

Well-Designed, Highly Efficient Kitchen

  • Sleek and roomy metal cabinets and drawers are sealed to provide a clean kitchen environment. One precut window is included.
Efficient Kitchen
  • Easy-to-assemble kitchen includes 5 upper cupboards, 5 lower cupboards and 4 drawers, with a fold down table for eating/work area.
  • The kitchen is equipped with standard sink, microwave shelf and space for optional appliances. All components are supplied in the Chalet.

Specs for Optional Appliances:

  • 24" wide stove (gas use recommended)
  • 4.6 cubic foot under counter refrigerator

Efficient Kitchen