Environmental Policy

“We are committed to the environment and its healthy sustainability”—from Domestic Technologies International Inc.’s Philosophy Statement.

Domestic Technologies is committed to environmental protection as well as sustainability through its policies.

We will demonstrate environmental leadership in the design of our products using Reduce, Reuse & Recycle principles.
  1. We help to safeguard & preserve the environment along with user safety by limiting the use of environmentally harmful compounds in our products.
  2. Our innovative product design philosophy and development process work to develop products that do less harm to the environment. Included here are the type and recyclability of our raw materials, product design for low energy consumption during use of products, and the reduction of product packaging.
  3. We work with our manufacturers and supply chain to ensure our components are produced in more environmentally-friendly ways through our Supplier Sustainability Policy.
  4. We do our share to reduce the environmental footprint. We have an integrated approach to recycling, encompassing all aspects of the Steel Arch Chalet. We include extensive use of recycled materials in the design of the Chalet, and also the longer term ability to recycle items that are to be disposed of (e.g. 100% use of galvanized steel). The Chalet is fully reusable, move-able, and can be disassembled and fully reconstructed with ease.