Environmental Achievement

Our eco product design has created numerous environmental successes:

  • Recycled materials – 65% of Steel Arch Chalet products are made from recycled materials (steel is 65% recycled, plus recycled plastic flooring)
  • Gray water schemes permit distribution of water into gardens, plants and ground.
  • Composting toilets - reducing water usage and waste disposal into environment – no sewage, no human waste, no need for sewer lines
  • Use of renewable resources – green electricity covers 100% of electricity supply through the use of efficient solar and wind power
  • End of life-cycle disposal of chalet is 85% recyclable.
  • Design of product includes self packaging – 100% of packaging material is utilized in the Chalet structure, 0% waste packaging.
  • The Chalet is moveable and reusable in its entirety.
  • The Chalet is extremely durable and wear resistant.
  • The entire Chalet unit may be disassembled and reconstructed.
  • Minimal to no use of toxic products or materials that will cause toxins upon decomposition over time.
  • Termite proof reducing need for toxic chemical treatments often used with other materials.