Board Structure and Processes

The Board and Corporate Executive Team

The Director profiles for Domestic Technologies International Inc. are listed under Our Directors.

The Board is responsible for the Company’s system of corporate governance and is ultimately accountable for the Company’s activities, strategy and financial performance.

The President is responsible for overall management of Domestic Technologies International Inc.

The Board comprises two Executive and one Non-Executive Directors. The Board considers the Non-Executive Directors to be independent in character and judgment.

Board Process

The Board meets at least four times a year. It has a formal schedule of matters reserved to it for decision but otherwise delegates specific responsibilities to the management team, as described below. The Board works to an agreed business agenda in reviewing the key activities of the business, and receives papers and presentations to enable it to do so effectively. The Board considers and reviews the work undertaken by management.

The Corporate Secretary is responsible to the Board and is available to individual Directors in respect of Board procedures. The Corporate Secretary is Ms. Liza Harridyal-Sodha, an attorney in Barbados who was appointed in May 2007.

Board Agenda Items

The Board has established a schedule of items for review at Board of Director Meetings.

Financial Results Review

The Financial Results reviews and approvals are conducted quarterly.

Corporate Administration & Transactions

The Board reviews and approves matters in connection with the administration of the company’s business, and certain corporate transactions.